Leonie Lionheart

One lioness seldom comes alone and thus Leonie Lionheart, the only talking lioness in the world does not come to the house of animal behavourist Prof. Lehmann by herself but brings along her brothers Lambert and Ludwig. These are busy to plan a career as musicans and want to drive the fans wild with their music. With the same successful outlook as her brothers Leonie is in train for the long jump for the next Olympics. With a more than usual design she helps the desperate architect Ernst in planning a supermarket. No one can resist her, even gangster try to get their hands on this remarkable lion-lady. But Leonie is lucky , not always but most of the time. Because lionesses like her know how to care of themselves and Leonie is always a step ahead of everyone. She spares no pains in proving this to the world at large by presenting stories of her life in 44 episodes.