Kang Maru, the genius of simulation games! Maru likes games so much that sometimes he forgets to go to school. One day, after an earthquake hits the city, he finds out from a man named Hans that he has been selected to be a pilot for the Restol Special Rescue Squad and heads for Shelldiver. Hans tells him about the acuspot project for the complete control of the earth''s environment and the necessity of the special rescue squad. He also finds out that he has been selected due to his fine skills in the restol simulation game. He is disappointed when he finds out that his mission is not to fight but to rescue lives from disaster sites, but he is impressed at the sight of the Restols, the rescue robots. Shelldiver is the transporter connecting Alsat and disaster sites and also the control station for the Restol Special Rescue Squad. Restol 1, 2, 4 and 5 were sent to a site and in the process of rescuing a little child from a collapsed building, Restol 5 has an accident and cannot move. Oming, the pilot loses consciousness. The moment of danger! It is decided that Restol is to be controlled from headquarters to save Oming. Maru who had the highest score in Restol control is given this mission. Maru controls Restol 5 by remote control from the Shelldiver. While everybody is watching, the buildings continue to collapse. With Maru''s control skills, Oming''s life is saved. After everything is taken care of, Captain Coe introduces Maru to Theo of Restol 1, Punky of Restol 2, Mia of Restol 4 and Oming of Restol 5. Kang Maru tells them to trust him and not to worry. Everybody thinks a fun kid has joined the force and they head for Alsat.